Public Roadmap

Take a peek at what we have planned

Please note: these projections are subject to change or shift around

2021 Q3

General Platform Update

Some UI/UX Updates

New onboarding tutorials

Stripe Integration

A new gateway for the eCommerce module

New SEO Tools

2021 Q4

New Banner Module

More controla and better UI

Updated Newsletter Generator

With tracking and stats etc.

Huboo Integration

This integration will enable fulfilment options in the eCommerce module

2022 Q1

New Membership Module

A complete rebuild to make it much more flexible

New Page Editor

Block-based, drag-and-drop functionality

Comment Module Overhaul

Replacing the dated Module with better functionality and cleaner UI, plus it will integrate across other modules much nicer

2022 Q2

eCom product permetations

2022 Q3