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What is WebBoss®

A website creation tool like no other!

WebBoss® is a very powerful professional bespoke website builder and Content Management System, that unlike other developer tools comes with all the plugins (or modules as we call them) needed to make a highly sophisticated website included within the system.

Modules & Features

16 powerful modules included with every WebBoss® Website System

All features and modules are built-in and ready for you to use. You’re in complete control, just activate the features that you want and start using them straight away. We are constantly developing the WebBoss® system, making sure our customers have access to all the latest features. With free updates for life, unlimited pages and unlimited shop products, your website can grow with your business. Take a peek at what some of our features have to offer:-

Blog Module

Style amazing blogs using a text editor that allows you to embed media, add pictures and embed links. Enable comments, mediated or not mediated. Create multiple blogs for different subjects!

Blog module icon
ecommerce icon

eCommerce Module

Become part of the massive eCommerce economy with an unlimited product cart with SEO tags to ensure products get listed by search engines. Highlight new products and feature related products. Control over postage, VAT and other cost or stock quantity controls. Pre-configured payment gateways means customers can sell immediately!

Theme Designer

Set up all of your theme assets with ease in the Theme Designer. Change the colours, images, fonts & even the favicon.

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SSL icon

Free SSL for all sites

Free automatic SSL for every site, as standard! Easy to set up, once the website is live the SSL with come through automatically.

Photo Gallery Module

Create as many photo galleries as you require. All images display in a nice lightbox on desktop or mobile! Feature photo galleries that your customers can upload to, in order to share and connect with other customers. Encourage and build a sense of community.

Photo Gallery icon
Form designer icon

Form Designer Module

Create as many web forms as needed and export in a CSV file, or send via email. Use them as data collection forms, such as: Questionnaires, Polls, or Rating Systems.

GDPR Module

Data protection regulation is a big deal! Keep on top of it with this easy to use module.

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membership module icon

Membership Module

The Membership module provides flexible functionality to create individual profiles and vibrant communities. Create a closed group with member only access to specific pages or facilities by login. Enable comments, chat rooms or file/image sharing.

Social Module

Connect with any social media platform. Link your site via RSS feeds so that blog entries can automatically be fed into the marketing structure you have set up.

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podcast icon

Podcast Module

The Podcast module allows users to subscribe to via RSS, and you can even submit the Podcast to iTunes to broadcast to a wider audience!

WEBP icon

WEBP Convertor

Easy WEBP conversion, next gen image format to help with your SEO needs.

Image Editor Module

Upload a new image, or select one that you have previously uploaded for full editing capabilities. Crop, rotate or resize your images. Apply filters, adjust the exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, vibrancy, or apply a tint. Make use of the Favicon generator.

image editor icon
coments module icon

Comments Module

Enable comments on a site and visitors can provide feedback, or interact with other visitors. Comments can be left by guests, registered users, or both. Users can even earn "Comment Badges" based on their activity.

Newsletter Module

An easy to use newsletter module can keep customers updated with the latest offers and include promo codes to make the offer exclusive. Create an unlimited number of customer groups within the Membership Module and create targeted newsletter campaigns.

newsletter module icon
Domain email icon

Domain Email

Create up to ten or more domain name emails to enhance your business branding. Additional email packs can be purchased if required. Contact us for more details.

SEO Tools

Various tools allow you to take control of SEO, from .htaccess editor to robots.txt, image compression plugins and easy embedding of Google Analytics, to Social Sharing meta tags and automated sitemaps, all built in ready at your fingertips.

seo tools icon
Web forms icon


Simple Website Statistics, get an idea of the website popularity with built in statistics. At a glance find out popular viewing devices and visitor locations so that information can be tailored to their needs.

Help & Support

Various channels for help and support. From FAQ's to YouTube Videos, and Online tutorials, to support tickets and online chat, help is always easy to find.

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responsive design icon

Responsive Design

Optimise your customers experience with a flexible and responsive website. All websites convert into mobile friendly websites, or create your own HTML and CSS mobile templates for further customisation!


A small selection of some of bespoke websites created using the WebBoss® system

WebBoss® For Developers & Designers

We have plenty to offer

Code Everything

Although quality websites can be created without any coding knowledge, there is the option for an advanced section, giving developers and designers full control over the HTML, CSS, Javascript and SCSS. Plus, you can also create custom tags for more advanced programming. With the advanced function of Data Import Tools you can import WordPress site data and media directly into WebBoss® when customers want to move to WebBoss®. You can even import Blogs from WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger.

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Set up websites with ease, everything is fully editable from fonts to pixel perfect images. SSL is one click away and free with all websites.

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Any website can become a target for hackers, and as many reports show it is often vulnerabilities in 3rd party Open Source modules that are the main weakness when it comes down to website security.

Virtually all professional website builders are Open Source, so there is always the risk that a plugin you have used is not fully supported and up to date when it comes to the latest security issues.

In fact current statistics show that hundreds of thousands of WordPress site are hacked every year.

No one can say a system can never be hacked, but it’s certainly much harder when it runs on propriety software as WebBoss® does!