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What is the Difference Between Web design & Web Development?

Posted by webboss design on 8th October 2020 in Blogging |
When you get a new website you may see web design and web development listed separately on the quote. While they may seem very similar, it is important to understand the difference between the two, and why both are vital for the proper working of your website. So what is the difference between web design and web development?   The simple answer is that the design is purely how the website looks, and development is how the website works and is built. However in practice, it is rarely as simple as this, and the skills of the person creating your website are likely to be wide ranging, especially if you hire a freelancer or a small company. The size of the compa...

webboss.Io Update: New Features

Posted by webboss design on 1st December 2020 in Blogging |
New System Update - 3.6.5. is the platform that all of our clients use and it is used by our designers to create beautifully bespoke, responsive websites. With this in mind, our development team are constantly updating the system so that it is up to date and continually evolving. The platform has recently launched a new update, version 3.6.5, which contains a few new features that will be sure to increase the performance of our client’s websites. What is New?   SEO Tools – LazyLoad Integration Google Analytics Trigger Shop Catalogue Mode CSV Options Header Images Business Information     SEO Tools – LazyLoad...

Exciting New Opportunity with Appsumo

Posted by webboss on 19th August 2021 in Blogging | appsumo,sumoling,Life time deal,web developers,web designers,web agency,graphic designers
*This post includes affiliate links, and we may earn some commission from things you buy at no extra cost to you.   We are Excited to Announce that webboss is Launching on Appsumo! AppSumo is an industry-leading company that finds and partners with up and coming tech companies, such as ourselves!   Launching with AppSumo will help us reach our audience through their huge AppSumo community (Hello Sumolings!). AppSumo utilises its massive loyal following to promote new SaaS deals from companies like ours to benefit both the company and the Sumoling community. Not only will this deal help to increase our visibility by joining a larger community, but this h...

webboss eCommerce Module - Sale!

Posted by webboss design on 4th January 2021 in Blogging |
How the eCommerce module can help with your sale items   The webboss platform is full of features that can really help you organise and showcase your online products. When it comes to sale items, the webboss eCommerce module has some really cool features to help you shift those unwanted items from your stock room. Here are a few ways that webboss can help you shift those sale items.  1. Discounted Products Add discounts to your products to show your users the new and old price. This will encourage people to buy from you, if they can see the price difference or how much they are saving, they will be more likely to part with their cash. Within the...

webboss New Business Information Feature

Posted by webboss design on 4th November 2020 in Blogging |
Our New Business Information Feature Can Help Improve Your Search Engine Results   You may have noticed that when you type in a company name or specific search term into Google, a variety of different search results will appear. A few years back, when you searched for a company or something similar, you only had the choice from a list of webpages that would appeared on the Google search results page. Back then it was incredibly important that your website appeared at the top of the first page, or that was the goal at least. However, now we are provided with a lot of different search options when we conduct a Google search. One of which is a rich result, whi... Update: Multiple Shipping Options

Posted by webboss design on 20th May 2021 in Blogging |
One of the most recently requested features for our eCommerce module was that of multiple and more flexible shipping options. We are pleased to announce that as of version 3.6.6 of the webboss system, you can now create multiple and flexible shipping options to cater for all your needs! How does it work? The basic idea of the new shipping options is that you can create multiple different shipping options, all with different configurations, including restrictions. When the user goes through the checkout process, the website will check all the available shipping options you have configured (based off of the shipping address, cart products etc.) and show button...
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