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A secure CMS for your clients ecommerce website

Posted by Phil Mayne on 5th March 2018 in Security | Security,CMS,wordpress,Magento,ecommerce
The world of CMS can be quite one-sided. With a market share of 60%, wordpress is the dominant force with lots of free or premium plugins and templates. This popularity has lead to a huge third-party plugin and theme development ecosystem creating a whole industry dedicated to the CMS. But what happens when you want to focus on security for your website? Having lots of third-party add-ons to rely on to be updated could be a potential risk. Being market share leader means that not only is it popular, the potential for a security risk is also a lot greater. Open sourced CMS and third-party plugin management In a report (seen here) we can see that in the third q...

What is the Difference Between Web Design & Web Development?

Posted by webboss design on 8th October 2020 in Blogging |
When you get a new website you may see web design and web development listed separately on the quote. While they may seem very similar, it is important to understand the difference between the two, and why both are vital for the proper working of your website. So what is the difference between web design and web development?   The simple answer is that the design is purely how the website looks, and development is how the website works and is built. However in practice, it is rarely as simple as this, and the skills of the person creating your website are likely to be wide ranging, especially if you hire a freelancer or a small company. The size of the compa...