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New GDPR Module

Posted by Phil Mayne on 29th May 2018 in modules | modules,GDPR,Data
As you may or may not know, new General Data Protection Regulations are being implemented as of 25th May. This will mean that businesses will have to comply with new regulations and if they fail to do so then there are serious penalties in place. WebBoss have created a new, easy to use module to ensure that your website complies with the new GDPR rules. Double opt-in for newsletters When your users sign up for a newsletter, they will receive a confirmation email before they are added to your mailing list. Data requests New form where users can request a copy of the personal data you hold for hem or they can request their data to be removed in the admin. You... Update: Multiple Shipping Options

Posted by webboss design on 20th May 2021 in Blogging |
One of the most recently requested features for our eCommerce module was that of multiple and more flexible shipping options. We are pleased to announce that as of version 3.6.6 of the WebBoss system, you can now create multiple and flexible shipping options to cater for all your needs! How does it work? The basic idea of the new shipping options is that you can create multiple different shipping options, all with different configurations, including restrictions. When the user goes through the checkout process, the website will check all the available shipping options you have configured (based off of the shipping address, cart products etc.) and show button...

What is the Difference Between Web Design & Web Development?

Posted by webboss design on 8th October 2020 in Blogging |
...tures and modules. Freelance developers may find that they are developing some complex functionality for websites from scratch, or else researching, installing, and customising plugins to ensure the customer has the required functionality. This is of course a generalisation, and so won't be true for all designers and developers, and will depend on a number of factors (such as level of functionality required, and what platform is being used for your website). For example, similar to many freelancers, our designers know the basic coding languages like HTML and CSS. Developers will be able to work with HTML and CSS as well, but will use other coding languages such...