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We are Excited to Announce that WebBoss is Launching on Appsumo!

AppSumo is an industry-leading company that finds and partners with up and coming tech companies, such as ourselves!


Launching with AppSumo will help us reach our audience through their huge AppSumo community (Hello Sumolings!). AppSumo utilises its massive loyal following to promote new SaaS deals from companies like ours to benefit both the company and the Sumoling community. Not only will this deal help to increase our visibility by joining a larger community, but this has already helped us to improve the WebBoss system for its users! We cannot tell you how excited we are to be partnering with them, for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

The Launch!

WebBoss will be offering Sumolings- members of the AppSumo community- the chance to buy a fully functioning WebBoss website system that has everything they will need in one package. Once purchased, Sumolings can explore the WebBoss Content Management System and all it has to offer; for the potential of using the website for their own online business or use the system to design websites for clients. If they are not 100% convinced the system is for them after 60 days, AppSumo provides a no questions asked refund. We are confident that the WebBoss system is the perfect website building tool for designers and developers of all abilities, so, with this in mind, we invite you to the AppSumo WebBoss Deal Page to make the most of this exclusive offer.

What will you get with your package?

Every WebBoss package will include all of these features, with the option to upgrade at any point.

 Content management system

Online shop

Unlimited products


Admin user accounts

Unlimited bandwidth

WebBoss has everything that developers and designers will need to create stunning, powerful, functional websites, all in one place. We are thrilled to become a part of the AppSumo community. To find out more, or for help on how to use the WebBoss system give our Facebook page a like, or join our Facebook group here.

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